Wednesday, February 08, 2006

India Jack

My friend Jack and his GF Jo are on a 6month trip to India and has been writing me emails that I find downright funny, sad, and at time enlightening. But mostly funny.

Installment one:



I'm in, like, India and shit.

If New York is 'The City that never Sleeps', then New Delhi is 'The City that never Shuts The Hell Up'.

Been here a while, all is well. No vomitting or anal squirting at all, though some brat on our bus to Udaipur did both in the aisle. Jo had a bout of Not Feel Well, but it passed.

Internet is hard to find and shitty when you do.

Finished our tour of Rajasthan. Rode a camel for 3 days. Yikes. Slept in the desert. Sweet. 4 days in Jodhpur, yes that's where the pants come from.

In Bombay now. Just had a cup of Monsoon Malabar coffee. They make it just down the coast. It was a swanky coffee shop, so a fatty cup cost rupees35 (about 80 cents!). Down in Kerala it'll be more like rupees 10 or 12. It's only about 85 degrees here, so everyone is wearing sweaters. Our cab driver said it was cold and so I told him that where I live it is now about -5 C. and there's 40 inches of snow so far this year. He looked at me like I might bury an axe in his head and then take his daughters.

Heading to Gokarn tonight. Christmas on the beach. We may even get a hotel room



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Travel dude said...

Yeah Paul,

travelling around the world is fun and enlightening. How lucky we are - to be born in the western world!!

Leaving Hong Kong today after a week, I have seen many things that opened my eyes too.