Thursday, November 09, 2006

You think YOU get a lot of Spam?

A month or 3 back, Mailinator was averaging about 1 million emails per day. Now its running pretty solidly at 2.5million+ (see the front page sidebar for the realtime number). Spammers are really going wild.

One peak I happen to notice was 171,000 in an hour, that's ~47 emails per second. Not bad for one little AMD 2Ghz server considering it also handles many thousand web and rss requests too. (who says Java is slow?)

I rewrote the whole system from scratch a year ago (SMTP server and all) as using stock linux services (sendmail, apache, mysql, etc) started dying at less than 1million a day. Monitoring tells me there's plenty of room left before I need to think about another server. Keep em' coming.

I know the spam surge has been reported elsewhere, but consider this my own empirical evidence.


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open source reader said...

H !
Could you tell us more about what was happing on such loads with the setup you had and which part was the main bottleneck ?
Could you also describe briefly what made you think you could do better, as well as the techniques you used ?
Btw thanks for this service, I very much appreciate it !